Long Sleeve CMDToo Adult Shirt



Long Sleeve CMDToo Adult Shirt

Join the "Cool Mom Community" with your very own Cool Moms Dance Too long sleeve shirt. The comfort Fitting Shirt

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Family Card GameGen Connect Game is the fun, family friendly card game that adds the spark in communication and family engagement. With six categories of questions and challenges ranging from ‘what would you do’ ‘Favorites’ ‘my bright future’ and ‘dance challenge’ families get to know one another while engaging in the fun family activity made to connect families through play its the perfect holiday gift!

Purpose of Gen Connect

– Make conversations fun and engaging between the generations

– Get to know each other better

– Share stories that build friendships

– Make gatherings more interesting

– Building the skills necessary to better understand ourselves

– A larger vocabulary with which to communicate our emotions and needs

– How to empathize with the perspectives of others

How to Play

Each person takes turns picking from one of these categories:

The Inner Me; What Would you do?; All about Me; Favorites; My Bright Future; Dance Challenge

And chooses another member to answer the question with detail or complete a challenge. The person who answers the question or challenge is the next to pick a card.

Shared agreement

Meet on a human level >  Respect each other’s individuality > Don’t take anything personally > Have fun >Learn about your friends and family

Parent Guide

Parent guide (how to look into the psychology of your child’s answers) Feedback from a therapist
How to respond without reacting
Do’s and don’ts during conversation
Active Listening
Dealing with triggers
Take answers and cultivate conversations, passion, skills and activity ideas
Support for mental health
Red Flags
Cultivating Creativity
Tours of passion careers at local schools, colleges and programs.

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