About Us


In 2013, I tragically lost my mate to issues associated with mental health and gained a ton of weight stress eating and overworking while taking care of our two beautiful daughters Serenity Marie and Jaira Jazzelle. Two years later, I was moving upward to 180-190 lbs and overwhelmed with life managing as a single parent. My girls were enrolled in dance class at the time and I decided to join them one day by dancing at home.

We started to dance together regularly and I noticed a difference in my body as well as my relationship with my daughters. They expressed issues they were having with a bully, their sadness associated with losing dad and feeling incomplete. We had not properly grieved and dance became our therapy as well as a magic weight loss pill for. A few months later I realized I’d lost 43 lbs dancing with my girls. I was releasing weight and stress and the pounds fell off. Thereafter, we created Cool Moms Dance Too a mommy and me dance as fitness and therapy program to help moms and kids Engage Connect and Grow together. We danced our way into a healthier life with pop and hip-hop hits both the kids and I love. As a young single mother I have taught my daughters self-love, self-sufficiency, healthy boundaries, communication and entrepreneurship via CMDToo and their book The Bully Police. I decided to turn lemons into lemonade and our lives and relationships have been enriched ever since.


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