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Cool Moms Dance Too


Cool Mom Qui & Serenity Marie

Peace and Blessings,

Serenity and I started Cool Moms Dance Too! out of need to stay connected after losing my life partner and the father to my two beautiful daughters January of 2013. The loss was the most difficult life experience we’d ever encountered however, community, communication and dance became the backbone of our strength to get through difficult times together.

We officially started Cool Moms Dance Too! while my girls were enrolled in dance class in Decatur, GA. I decided to join them in dancing at home to Beyonce’s “Schooling Life” and The Black Eyed Peas “Rock Your Body” a song dad, the girls and I danced to together in our family home. What happened that evening changed us forever. After we finished our fun dance session, my eldest daughter sat down on my bed and started talking about a bully she was dealing with at school and that it had been happening for well over a month. I was hurt that my little girl suffered through this for so long without any help but what I did recognize is she suddenly felt comfortable to talk after we finished dancing together.

We started to dance together regularly and I noticed a difference in my body, overall well-being as well as my relationship with my daughters. We had not properly grieved and dance became our therapy as we used it as our connector and commonality. I decided to turn lemons into lemonade and our lives and relationships have been enriched ever since.

We developed the AFAA/NASM approved dance format Cool Moms Dance Too! which is a fusion of family friendly hip-hop dance fitness routines and upbeat movement therapy activities including “mirroring” and “hype sessions.”

As of today we’ve worked with thousands of families via our formatted dance programs including our members participating in Atlanta Hawks game performance, opening for Kidz Bop, Georgia PTA conference, NAMI GA, Mental Health America GA and more.

Being on this journey with Serenity has been the most beautiful experience as we shift with the world and work to stay happy, healthy and whole at home.

Cici and Chloe Olivia

Cici Kelley

Cool Mom and Hip-hop, Jazz, Contemporary dancer, choreographer and professor CiCi Kelley attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where she received undergraduate training in performing arts. Kelley serves as an adjunct dance professor at the historic HBCU, Spelman College in the department of dance & Choreography. Her choreography has been featured by the Atlanta Falcons both in national commercials and during halftime entertainment. Other choreography credits include the Fugees European tour, Musiq Soulchild Stir the Senses tour, and Toni Braxton’s 2010 tour. Kelley danced with Beyonce Knowles in her video for Get Me Bodied and during her performance of the hugely popular Single Ladies during the 2009 MTV VMAs. LL Cool J Control Yourself featuring Jennifer Lopez, and Outkast music video for Ghetto Music. She was selected by film director Jon Turtletaub to provide dance directions to award-winning actor Morgan Freeman during the filming of the blockbuster hit, Last Vegas, as well as the film Bolden with Director Dan Pritzker. Her choreography skills were also featured on MTV’s Emmy Award winning series, MTV MADE.

Chloe Olivia

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Chloe Donald is a spunky & incredibly talented 8 year old who loves to dance, do gymnastics, and work her acting chops as soon as the camera is on. Daughter of choreographer CiCi Kelley, dance has always come natural to her as well as the desire to want to put on a show whenever an audience is around. Miss Chloe takes many dance & gymnastics classes throughout her busy week, while maintaining all A’s in school and preparing care bags to feed the homeless.

Chloe’s career accomplishments thus far includes a national commercial for Gas South, Chuck E Cheese, and many trophies and awards from major dance competitions and conventions. When Chloe grows up, she desires to own restaurants, be a dancer, and dabble in the fashion industry!


The mission of Cool Moms Dance Too! is to help 1 million families access fun, culturally relevant, accessible and healthy alternatives for mental, emotional and physical health by 2023.

Our vision is for all mothers to have access to mental and physical health alternatives regardless of their socioeconomic status or access to healthcare. We support families receiving tools that can easily be integrated to better the overall health of our families.


On behalf of Georgia PTA Board of Directors, words just cannot express the excitement and energy Cool Moms Dance Too delivered at our Convention Leadership Training of 400 plus Georgia PTA members from across the State of Georgia.  We could see the teamwork, dedication, confidence, agility, sense of pride and more.

Tye BarnettGeorgia PTA Association

Cool Moms Dance Too was a key part of Survival in the Hollow camp created for kids with challenges with sadness or anger with priority to suicide attempt survivors.  The morning activities were heightened with energy from the participation of Cool Moms Dance Too.  The kids all rated the experience highly and the day was brighter, because they were there.

Carol Coussons de ReyesMission Zero - Founder and Mom

This Program is Super Fantastic. I highly recommend and support this Family, Fun Dance Fitness Hip-Hop Class. I attended today and the Environment was Super Electrifying and Motivating. It left you wanting to come back for more and I will!!

Jackie MadisonMom

Cool Moms Dance Too brought fun yet helpful programs to our clubhouse this year. She combined dance with some thoughtful activities around our themes of self-care and self-esteem both of which can be effected when a child is grieving. The members loved it and we will definitely have Cool Moms Dance Too back in 2020.

Lane PeaseKate’s Club - Program Director