“The world becomes better when we HEAL OURSELVES AND OUR FAMILIES. To Heal a family, the core members of the family need to be empathetic, kind, loving and educated. This can happen by becoming more EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT. EQ (Emotional Intelligence) teaches EMPATHY and SELF-AWARENESS. Wholeness comes from having a good grasp of both.”


Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

How To Take Life Experiences And Turn Them Into Purpose

Becoming More Emotionally Intelligent

Strengthening Your

Relationships Using Emotional Intelligence

Manifest Your Life

Think, Speak, And Act Your Way Into The Life You Desire

Trauma Healing

What Doesn’t Break You Can Create Your Breakthrough

Trademark Your Brand

Taking An Idea From Conception To Ownership

Read, Write And Build Your Life

Family Book Publishing And Entrepreneurship

Quyionah “Cool Mom Qui” Wingfield delivers real life, practical content inspiring thought, action and a shift in perspective. The mother of two who transformed tragedy into purpose now shares techniques to trigger growth needed to make you successful in business, relationships, and life.

Quyionah explores Emotional Intelligence, a tool which enables us to be responsible for our emotions, aware of the emotions of others, and recognize limits in perception including bad decision-making habits like being reactionary or impulsive. The meaningful and authentic message she conveys serves as a catalyst to enhance the mental and emotional wellbeing of those open to change.


Quyionah Wingfield is the co-founder of Cool Moms Dance Too, the At Home Mommy And Me Dance as Fitness and Therapy brand curated for cool and engaged women and children worldwide. CMDToo makes family health and wellness trendy and inclusive.

She is also a writer of literature, self-healing content and poetry published by Jazzelle Publishing.

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