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Cool Moms Dance Too Workout Video

Are you having trouble:

Managing your family’s fitness needs?

Losing weight and keeping it off?

Staying connected with your school aged child(ren)?

Collaborating in family fitness?

Managing time to meet your family’s fitness needs as a whole?

Finding a community of women who support you physical, emotional and mental wellness?

With dedication and consistency you will notice:

IMG_7055 (1)

  • Dramatic changes in your body and self-esteem

  • Dialog and growth in your relationship with your children

  • Making time to have fun with your family

Are you willing to:

  • Dedicate time to have fun with your children
  • Put your family’s health and wellness first
  • Change the way you viewing weight loss, health and wellness
  • Have fun using dance as your workout

This program is not for those:

  • Looking to lose 60 lbs in 10 days
  • Who are not willing to dedicate at least 20 minutes 3x a week
  • Not looking to strengthen their connection with their children

Welcome to the Ultimate online family Dance Fitness program by Cool Moms Dance Too!

This ALL NEW program has everything you need to connect with your children and build a healthy fitness lifestyle. Utilizing dance as fitness consistently and a balance nutrition you’ll see results from the inside and out.  

Epic bundle – 45 minutes of Engaging and fun dance fitness Videos Including:

  • Dance Fitness Warm Up
  • Dance Fitiness Cardio
  • Dance Expression Routines
  • Cool Down

A 32-Page eBook Filled With:

  • Fun playlists  
  • CMDToo Meal Planner
  • CMDToo Nutritional Guide
  • Weekly Fitness Guide
  • Emotional Intelligence – Connection Worksheets and more

I lost 43 lbs using the CMDToo program


How’d I do it?

  • I danced with my daughters 3-5 days a week
  • Made time to walk in nature
  • Became High Fructose Corn Syrups worst enemy
  • Mandatory time alone to journal and love on myself

That is all. Seriously! No gym. No gimmicks. No Pills. Just my home, family, a nature trail, 5 extra minutes in the grocery store label reading and an open mind to place my health first.

Q – Will I lose weight?

A – It depends on your commitment. This program is not for overnight changes its about lifestyle changes and using dance to manage your wellness needs. If you stay consistent you will see changes.


Q – Are Cool Moms Dance Too Videos available online?

A- Yes! Once we launch you will be able to purchase digital copies of Cool Moms Dance Too and stream them online via your Smart TV, computer, tablet and mobile device.


Q – How can I reach customer support?

A – Cool Moms Dance TOo customer support is only available via e-mail. To contact our support team please feel free to send an e-mail to:


Q – Can I take classes in person?

A – In-person classes will be listed in the live events section. You can be notified by email if you sign up for our newsletter.


Q – My question was not answered here how do I receive help?

A – Contact our team via


Q – I’ve enjoyed CMDToo and would like to share my story. How do I do so?

A – We are happy you’ve had a good experience with our program. We encourage you to email us @

First I’d like to thank the creators of Cool Moms Dance Too. They have created a free spirited community for us. Cool moms dance has encouraged me to get fit and be more active with my 7 year old. Because of CMDToo my daughter and I have grown closer by dancing and singing. We even dance in the morning before school. I love CMDToo for helping us get to this blissful place.

-Jessica Drake

As a busy mother who is always on the run I had to choose between spending extra time with my son or going to the gym. Naturally I chose my son. When I heard about this program I was immediately filled with excitement. I never realized I can work out & have fun with my son at the same time! Because of CMDToo I no longer always feeling tired. I get an extra burst of energy when we dance. I am on my way to being fit again, with cool new dance moves that my son loves doing. Best part is we have so much fun together! Thank you Cool Moms Dance Too! You are giving mother’s like me another chance at being fit with a renewed energy for life.

-France Brown

My Son & I had the best time together doing a Cool Moms Dance Too challenges, although we only danced for about 2 minutes it was really the longest my child has ever let me dance while being recorded. Normally he’d say “Ma stop don’t do that” but this time he was too busy getting down to notice. We really enjoyed doing it together. The fact that our video is the only video recording we have thus far is just beautiful and funny to watch for days and years to come. So THANKS A LOT COOL MOMS DANCE TOO CREW for this awesome Idea hopefully I can convince my son to do some more dancing with me.

-Latisha Neal ( Barnegat NJ)

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