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Quyionah Wingfield is a creative entrepreneur, self-taught dancer and mother of two who lived the issues the company is solving with her daughters and co-founders. Jaira JazzElle (10) and Serenity Marie (7) are both trained dancers. Both ladies help provide guidance to create a product to engages children coinciding with the family dance as fitness structure of the business.


On this Enrich Her edition episode of StartUp Funding hosted by Dr. Roshawnna Novellus we are continuing our quest to highlight the most amazing women led enterprises within the city of Atlanta. Today we have Quyionah Wingfield who is the CEO and co-founder of Cool Moms Dance Too. On our interview we talk about how she and her partners (who are her kids) came up with the awesome idea for their business.

From her own experiences she realized that the family’s day to day activities were limiting the connectivity with her children and families needed an outlet where parent could reconnect with their children. Quyionah found that dancing opened up the line of communication with her children and she and her partners came up with the idea of Cool Moms Dance Too and decided to create an online dance fitness program for moms and children.

Quyionah talks to us about the Cool Moms Dance Too platform with plans of maintaining a streaming service and future plans of turning it into a subscription based platform. On what kind of dance that exist on her platform she names off hip hop, ballet, African, Latin, and various mixes that inspires forms of self-expression. With all these you can be sure that Quyionah is really excited about her business and she share why with us.

Talking about future of the platform, Quyionah shares with us what success looks like for her in her own words: Success with Cool Moms Dance Too would look like a community. She hopes to create a community where moms can come together and engage with one another and be vulnerable with their kids. Quyionah also educates us on what viewers, listeners and readers can do to support the Cool Moms Dance Too community.

Roshawnna and Quyionah Wingfield discuss:
[00:50] Quyionah tells us about how she and her children came up with the idea for their business.
[02:47] Quyionah educates us on the platform and the kind on dance available on it.
[04:14] We get to learn what in going on at Cool Moms Dance Too that has Quyionah excited.
[05:30] Quyionah shares with us what success at Cool Moms Dance Too looks like for her.
[06:38] Quyionah tells us more about the community engagement piece that exists outside of the dance that’s part of the platform.
[07:43] Quyionah tells the viewers what they can do to support Cool Moms Dance Too and make it a success.

The Start of Cool Moms Dance Too!

I am elated to share my story with you how a millenial mom lost 43 pounds dancing and having fun with her daughters in the comfort of her own home.

Our journey started January 2013, when my partner and father to my two beautiful daughters passed away. I had never experienced trauma as vast and lacked the coping mechanism to move forward in a healthy way.

Over the course of a year I immersed myself in work going back to the office just three days after his passing. Work was the one thing I could pour myself into without drowning at the time. 

However, during this time my relationship with my daughters suffered. We were emotionally disconnected and all battling to make sense of life without dad and an unexplanible void and insurmountable pain. 

I struggled to find ways to keep my daughters engaged but soon, I noticed a serious interest in dance from my girls. This made me happy because dance happened to be my first love. I watched them, learning their personality as they trained with Kameo Productions Studios. 


Seeing the joy dance added to the girls’ life helped me realize I’d been missing that joy in my own life so I decided I’d join in on the fun.  

We started dancing in my bedroom playing bedroom karaoke and dropping some barz of freestyle rap. We were connecting and it changed the course of our relationship. After a bedroom dance session, my eldest daughter Jaira, laid on my bed and talked to me about an issue she was having with another child at school who had started bullying her. She explain with pain in her face how the girl would use others to gang up on her physically and verbally due to a complicated love triangle she wanted nothing to do with. What was more appalling was the fact she was dealing with colorism being chastized for her lighter skin complexion by the child. 

What alarmed me was that she was dealing with this issue for a while and had not expressed it to me. I noticed dancing together brought us closer because like friends or a close community we had something intimate and personal in common. We continued to dance together and the idea to provide at home family dance fitness programming emmerged with the name COOL MOMS DANCE TOO! 

It was a journey getting where we are today and I am proud to say I am happier after learning to lighten up and have fun. Proving when you take care of home, life can find its order.  

To say I blew off steam is an understatement. Dancing with my girls enabled me to get fit and reduced my stress. The most valuable thing I remembered was what my childhood felt like. Being carefree,  dancing and enjoying time with my little ladies, I realized it was just as important to help them maintain their childhood.

So we turned on the latest music and played dance-battle proving I was a cool mom who could really dance. From that experience we gained a bond that was indescribable and built a program together of dance moves and choreography building a sweat and dropping excess weight.

I welcome you into our life and our home as we go on this journey building what we now call Cool Moms Dance Too!

Warm regards,

Quyionah Wingfield