The Start of Cool Moms Dance Too!

I am elated to share my story with you. How a millenial mom lost 43 pounds dancing and having fun with her daughters in the comfort of her own home.

Our journey started January 2013 when my mate and Serenity and Jaira’s Dad passed away. We remained close but there was an emotional disconnect. The three of us worked hard to keep life together being the strength for each other.

Soon, I noticed a serious interest in dance from my girls. This made me happy because dance happened to be my first love. I watched them, learning their personality but soon I’d join in on the fun.  

It was a journey getting where we are today and I am proud to say I am happier after learning to lighten up and have fun. Proving when you take care of home, life can find its order.  

To say I blew off steam is an understatement. Dancing with my girls enabled me to get fit and reduced my stress. The most valuable thing I remembered was what my childhood felt like. Being carefree,  dancing and enjoying time with my little ladies, I realized it was just as important to help them maintain their childhood.

So we turned on the latest music and played dance-battle proving I was a cool mom who could really dance. From that experience we gained a bond that was indescribable and built a program together of dance moves and choreography building a sweat and dropping excess weight.

I welcome you into our life and our home as we go on this journey building what we now call Cool Moms Dance Too!

Warm regards,

Quyionah Wingfield